Saturday, August 14, 2010

Where are the apples?

Finished a plain scarf sending them up to Maine for a ministry.   Last night at work I saw this beautiful hand knitted dress, should have taken a pic of it, it was for a baby.  I told the woman that made them to make sure she stops by with other things that she made.  I just might have to ask her for lessons.  I love to see other peoples creations. 

Had to demo the Cricut Cake today.  I started out booming but then I got my sea legs and it wasn't that bad.  I decided that I should just treat work as a place to share me crafting interest, have fun and let God do the rest.  Couldn't leave today without buying some fabric ;) 

I have decided to decorate the house with apples for September so I'm on a hunt to find apple decorations. I'm also working on a apple page for my site if you want to check out my findings ;)

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