Tuesday, September 30, 2014

So excited can't wait to design - Hello Spoonflower

So this morning I view a sewing video and it mentions Spoonflower.com why did my friends not tell me of this.  I feel a new avenue coming on.  :)

Spoonflower.com we are going to become good friends.  I love to design and can't wait to dive in.  And they have challenges :)

 Love design? Try your hand at creating!

    Upload your designs and print custom fabric, wallpaper and gift wrap.
    Registration is free, fast and easy!

    All your designs are private unless you make them public.
    We never sell, print, or share your designs without your permission.

    There is no minimum order or set-up fee required. Order a test swatch of your design on any of our materials for just $5.

    Get an instant preview of your design in several different repeats.

    Choose from a selection of high-quality synthetic and natural fiber fabrics including organic cotton and silk, PVC-free wallpaper and matte or satin gift wrap.

    We're based in Durham, North Carolina, but we ship all over the world.
    Welcome to Spoonflower and happy designing!

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