Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tea Cup Favors

Tea Cup Favor DIY

What  a cute inexpensive party favor for a tea party :)  Check out how to make them

I have decided it's time to make my house a home again.  I am redecorating and giving in to a different style then I am use to.  When I lived in Maine it was all about the bears, moose, prim and outdoor living.  Since I have lived in Florida for 5 years I think it's time to start thinking a little different. :)  Although it seems like every time I start to redecorate my husband decides it's time to move.  Change seems to happen more frequently in my life then I would like but I better not complain because it's not all bad change.

Last week it was so busy at the flower shop by Saturday we could barely move.  It was a lot of fun spending the time with the girls. 

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