Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Lollipop and M&M Arrangement

Wrap some floral tape around the underneath of the lollipop to help secure the streamer.

Wrap a piece of streamer around 18" to 20" long around the pop folding and pinching as you go.
Once you went around a few times add some more floral tape to secure.  Use different colored streams to make the arrangement bright.

Use the wooden skewers and attach the flowers at different heights, wrap with floral tape again.
Pick the container you want to use and glue in some floral foam.

Arrange the lollipops in the container at different levels.

 I had the kids paint a clay pot with some or their own art work. 

You can tape some fun size M&Ms to skewers and add them to your arrangement.
Don't forget the bow and enjoy!!

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