Saturday, November 1, 2014

His Kingdom Come Blog Hop

Wording for HKC Blog Hop

This is an online Community where fellow Christians can encourage, share and learn about Christianity and explore the God-given creativity that he has put in us all.  It will be a safe place to share your faith, be inspired, and explore creativity across many art mediums - journaling, mixed media, painting, bible journaling, textiles, watercolor and more.  His Kingdom Come will offer free tutorials, technique classes, devotionals, crafts to celebrate the holidays, opportunities to go deeper in your faith and in your knowledge of God and the Bible.   The website will also offer Christian artists a platform to host classes (free or fee-based) which you will be able to sign up for.

 A team of talented Christian artists have come together to launch this exciting new community.  This blog hop is your chance to get to know them.

It doesn’t matter where you start within the blog hop.   Or you can start at the beginning with Diane.  Each blog has the complete list of participants.

As you visit each blog you will be given a letter eg. D.   When you have collected all the letters they will make a word.  When you have worked out the word email Bernice with the word.  We will randomly choose 3 people who have the correct answer to win a prize.   All entries must arrive by Noon (Pacific time) on Monday 3rd November.

The letter to collect from my blog is C

Let me introduce myself:
My name is Justine, I live in Palm Bay FL with my husband and children.  

How does your faith impact your creativity?  When I create whether is it crafts or choreography God is mostly in control.  He gives me ideas and visions.  It's so cool to see what He does.  I pray and open my heart to him when I am creating.

What is your preferred medium of creativity?   I am what you call a jack of all trades.  There is not one medium that is my favorite.  I think I would get really, really bored if I only worked in one medium. :)  I have been crafting most of my life.  I enjoy crocheting, floral design, paper crafts, jewelry making, tole painting, designing, sewing, plastic canvas, gift basket design, candy arrangements and embroidery.  I also like to dabble in cake decorating from time to time.

What is your role within the His Kingdom Come team?   I will be one of the hostess for the crafting area of His Kingdom Come.

What are your hopes for this new community?  My hope that people will be able to open their mind and heart by using their creativity to grow closer to the Lord.   For people to know they are not alone in their journey and as a community we can make an impact. :)  

Where to find me (social media links, Etsy etc)

I hope you are as excited as I am at being part of this online venture.  Our vision is to build an online community not just be a project-led site.  A place where you can find encouragement, share your heart and your problems and find help.

If you haven't been there already your next stop is Libbi Byrd Corson

To join our community please visit His Kingdom Come


  1. It's nice to meet you Justine, thanks for being part of this awesome team!

  2. It's so nice meeting you and getting to know you better.
    Thanks for being a part of this community!

  3. I am very excited about this group. I love what you are doing! God Bless you on your new adventure!

  4. It is so nice to get to know you. I am thrilled to be part of the faith based community.

  5. Wow, so many areas, you are so talented! Nice to meet you and looking forward to getting to know you.

  6. So exciting. I love what you all are doing.

  7. Justine, so nice to meet you! I am looking forward to sharing together in the coming year! This is all so exciting!

  8. Lovely to meet you Justine, looking forward to this new adventure!

  9. It is really great getting to know everyone.