Thursday, October 2, 2014

Are You Letting Your Light Shine? And The Advent Study.

This year I have been introduced to faithart with Diane Marra of Adore Him Creations
I am proud to have her as a dear friend and teacher.  I am learning new techniques with my fellow students that have now become friends.

What is faithart you ask?
Adore HIM Creations is a ministry that teaches, inspires, provides tools and creates one of a kind faithart designed to bring Him glory and honor.  Come along with Adore HIM Creations on a journey of creative discovery, to experience and perceive the word of God in our everyday lives.  You will be transformed by the renewing of your mind! Inviting God into this new creative journey is an act of obedience. He will accompany you along the way, guiding your every step towards the Truth, the Truth that sets you free. Learning to listen to the Holy spirit  as we color, paint, journal and use shapes, colors and textures to express His presence in our lives. This is how we transform our everyday lives into a creative life that honors God.

While away in Big Canoe, GA last week with one of my fellow faithart friends we couldn't help ourselves but to journal.  We had limited supplies but we had a blast.  I think it was one of the best parts of the time away we were up till 1am. :)

Here are a few samples

If you are interested in doing an online study check out The Advent Study it starts the end of October.

The Advent Study
Diane has prepared the study.  Each day there will be a short piece to read, a prayer and questions to ponder.   You can use this in any way you wish.  You can write in your journal, you can make an altered book, you can do art journaling.  You choose your response to this study.  Learn More

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