Friday, October 10, 2014

Living in One Room Bad or Good?

We are blessed to have a water cooler in our home.  We drink lots of water there is no soda or ice tea in the house.  This week we ran out of water and Joey (my 6 yr old son) asked to get a drink of water I told him to get it from the faucet, he said, "what's a faucet".  Oh my!!  I brought him over to show him and he said I'm not drinking that water.  Talk about spoiled.  Although I have to say FL water is not the best tasting from the faucet at all.

When I was visiting GA we walked through a park that had a log cabin, pictured below.  This was an original settlers cabin moved to the park and restored.  The cabin sits beside a stream.  As I opened the door and pictured a family of 5 living in a one room cabin.  That is all they had.  Everything was done in the one room.  To think how spoiled we are today.

As we hiked along the trail by the stream I kept thinking about how much harder life was way back when.  Their water came from the stream.  Families and communities had to depend on each other to make it through.

I think about how things were made by hand and learning how to craft was pasted down from generation to generation.  I love to learn how things were made....hhhmmm I think a trip to Williamsburg, VA might be needed next summer. :)

 I think I need to have this discussion with my children and do a little craft.  I found this cute
 log cabin craft from DLTK's  site,

log cabin craft

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