Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hot Glue Snowflakes

This weekend the 5 Deep Group got together for a weekend of crafting.  We are getting ready for the Advent Study with His Kingdom Come.  Well everyone one else was...hehe  I was kinda fooling around, playing.  

I made hot glue gun snowflakes.  I love glitter and the more that I can do with glitter the better.

 On a teflon sheet I made a design with hot glue.  Added some glitter and you get pretty, pretties.

Make sure that the lines are thick enough on your design and before you pick them up make sure the are total cooled down.

I put my on a journal page.  We were doing a short study on letting God mold us.  So for me it reminded me of building/molding a snowman.

I can't wait to play some more with the hot glue gun :)

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