Sunday, October 12, 2014

It's All About The Crafts, About the Craft...

I'm 48 years old and the one thing that has always stayed consistent in my life is the love of crafting.  I tell you if we had computers, youtube, etc... when I was a child I would be a master crafter in a lot of areas :)

The crazy thing is most of my life I was around people that didn't understand the creative side of me, I felt judged and unsupported.  I think most of my life the phrase, "starving artist" always scared me.

Being creative does sometimes drive me nuts, my brain goes in 20 different directions with all the ideas and desires I have to design.

But I tell you there is no greater moment then when someone looks at something I created and it brings a huge genuine smile to their face.  :)  If I can make someone smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside like I feel when I am creating it the I have done my job.

Using the gifts and talents that God has given me makes my heart shine and is the best feeling in the world.

In the last few years I have realized that it's okay to me.  It's okay to be a crafter and an artist.

I am on a quest to learn new techniques and mediums and guess who is coming on the quest with me......YOU!

 Hugs J :)

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