Friday, October 3, 2014

Who knew you had to be an engineer to make a needle

Wow there are more than 100 steps for making needles and thousands of types of needles.

Here are 11 major steps to making needles:

1.  selection of wire
2.  swagging - cold forging the wire
3.  shank marking
4.  die pressing & punching
5.  milling
6.  barb grinding & soft pointing
7.  hardening
8.  chemical deburring
9.  straightening
10. plating
11. final pointing & polishing

When you stop to think about how things are made it's pretty cool and to think that is only 11 steps of the 100.

Came across this on FB not sure were the original post came from.  A great way to keep you stitches even when hand stitching.

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