Monday, October 6, 2014

How to Make 3d Pumpkin Cards

Finished up some 3d pumpkin cards.  I know I should be working on Christmas stuff but when I'm in the season it's hard to not want to work on fall crafts. :)

I cut out pumpkin shapes from card stock 6 different style papers.
Then fold them each in half and glue one of each design together.

 Trim where needed and brush a little brown ink along the sides.
You can cut out a paper stem or I used 5 small strands a jute and hot glued them together.  It looks more like a real stem :)  Glued them to the top

Cut out some vines and a leaf then glue them on with a bow.  You can write directly on the pumpkin or add a tag.


  1. these came out so them thanks for sharing

  2. Love these! Your bows look perfect! I love the color of ribbon you used.